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My name is James W. Lackie and I’m a Canadian author of fantasy, horror, and more.

Since I was a child, I’ve been drawn to the dark, the twisted, and the macabre.  Whether it was through the works of Lewis Carroll, H.P. Lovecraft, or even Stan Lee; I saw the complex, often dystopian, narratives as much more than just simple stories.  There is a kind of truth in shadows that is too often overlooked in the light.  Only through examination of the darkest facets of ourselves and our society, can we truly appreciate the wondrous gift that is life…

A few years back, with encouragement from my wife, I sat down and began writing a tale that had haunted my imagination since I was sixteen.  It was then that Reflections of Shadow was born.  From the first moment that my pencil hit the page, the story devoured me, and I was carried along Alexander’s labyrinthine journey with him, just as I hope you will be.

– James W. Lackie

New Releases:

Reflections of Shadow: Worlds Sundered

Book 2 in the Reflections of Shadow series.

Worlds Sundered - Cover

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