Worlds Sundered - Cover


Two men. Two worlds.

As the events of Reflections of Shadow: Nemesis Spawned unfold, and Alexander Cadeyrn wrestles with the evil inside him, Alexander Ganainmh’s internal struggle has come to an end. The aspects of dark and light that once warred within him have been made flesh, manifesting as two men – one embodying all that is good and honourable within him, and the other an incarnation of the malevolence that he had long fought to contain.

Now, against a backdrop of love, lust, rebellion, and betrayal, a new war rages on.

Reflections of Shadow: Worlds Sundered follows these two men as each fights to eliminate the influence of the other, while pursuing their own goals for the worlds around them. Little do they realize, however, that, for all their might, they are merely pieces in a much more elaborate game. Avatars – immortals who would use the two men for their own ambitious ends – shuffle them back and forth between worlds. From Seteris, where a fragmented reality has left the world in chaos, to Lloryca, where the avatars have set the stage for a confluence of events, these two men will change the course of history with power and blood.

Worlds Sundered is the second tale in the Reflections of Shadow series.

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Nemesis Spawned - Cover Amended 3


How much do you let the dark aspects of your soul influence your actions?

If you’re like most, you struggle to balance desire and decorum, but your conscience tempers your ambition, and sobers you to the reality that the ends rarely – if ever – justify the means. But, what if you were cursed with only enough conscience to recognize, and not curb, those insidious desires? Alexander Cadeyrn was born and baptised in blood and turmoil. Since the day that he took his first breath, his life’s course has been steered by forces beyond his control or understanding.  He strives to achieve the destiny that was promised him – a world to rule, and the power to rule it – but he soon learns that reaching his goal may be far more difficult than he had hoped.

Alexander is thrust into a world that has been ravaged by decades of war and strife.  He tries to integrate into an unfamiliar and frustrating society, but he’s unable to reconcile his twisted values with those of the clansmen around him.  The malevolence in his soul threatens to tear apart all that he’s fought to achieve.  Even before the darkness can consume him, however, Alexander is betrayed.

Alone and adrift, Alexander struggles against the machinations of those who would make him their puppet.  And, as he rebuilds his shattered existence, he tries desperately to restore balance to a life burdened by a terrible yearning for murder and vengeance… Nemesis Spawned is the first tale in the Reflections of Shadow series.

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Short Stories:

A Stygian Brood Image


A stranger, a small town, and a monstrous secret…

Explore the blurred line between a terrifying reality and the bloodcurdling delusions of madness…

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