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Reflections of Shadow: Worlds Sundered Now Available!

Cue the fanfare!!

Ready the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men!!

It’s finally here!!!

Reflections of Shadow: Worlds Sundered

“Alexander Ganainmh’s internal struggle has come to an end. The aspects of dark and light that warred within him have been made flesh, manifesting as two men – one the embodiment of all that was good in him, the other his malevolence incarnate. Now, as a new war between them rages, each man fights to eliminate the influence of the other, amidst a backdrop of love, lust, rebellion, and betrayal.”


Worlds Sundered - Cover

After three long years of writing, revising, and editing, the exciting sequel to Reflections of Shadow: Nemesis Spawned is finally complete and is available now for purchase from a fine eBook retailer near you!  As always, I encourage you to post reviews and provide feedback on the book, and I thank you for your support.

Happy Reading!


For those interested, the book is available from the following sites for only $4.99 (US)*:

Smashwords (my recommendation, as it has multiple file types, depending on the brand of your eReader)

Amazon (I’ve linked to Amazon.ca, but it is available at an Amazon near you, as well)




Barnes & Noble

And many others…

*Note that $4.99 is the price set by the author.  Some distributors may have changed it, or converted it into other currencies, on their websites.


Want to learn more about Worlds Sundered or Nemesis Spawned?  Click here for a brief summary of the works.

Want to check out some of the artwork that I have created based on the worlds in Reflections of Shadow?  Click here.




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The Law of Convergence

There is a subtle, yet pivotal, concept that we can find in every single work of fiction in existence, be it literary, cinematic, or otherwise.

This concept is observed in the lovers’ paths crossing when they do; it’s observed in the hero’s timely intervention in the villain’s dastardly machinations; and it’s observed in the event that finally brings the dysfunctional family back together, so that they may finally work out their differences.

I call this concept convergence, and I feel that it’s one of the most important elements in any tale, just as it is one of the most important elements in our own lives.

Many people are oblivious to the wonder that is the convergence.  They are ignorant of how often it occurs around them and, when they do notice it, they label it as ‘chance’ or ‘fate,’ and never give it a second thought.

I, truly, feel sorry for these people.

From every major development in our lives, to the most commonplace, convergences rule our existence.

Imagine that you’re walking down the street at a fairly brisk pace.  Another pedestrian, going the same direction, walks ahead of you, taking their sweet time.  Yet another pedestrian (or, perhaps, a cyclist) comes towards you in the other direction.  Without fail, the only opportunity that you will get to pass the sloth ahead will always present itself at the narrowest part of the sidewalk, at exactly the same moment that the person coming towards you is parallel.

Brooklin Bridge

Of course, the frustrating example above may be rooted more in my own neuroticism than many of your own examples, but it’s just one of a myriad.  The point is that these types of convergences happen all around us every day.  They may be buried in minutiae, or part of a violent upheaval in our lives, but they’re there.

Everything, inevitably, converges.

Even if we accept the fact of the matter, however, the questions about ‘how’ and ‘why’ abound (and are far more convoluted).  Religion describes such phenomena the guiding hand of God, whereas science describes them in molecular terms – as the macroscopic results of sub-atomic particle behaviour.  Perhaps convergences are part of some cosmic pattern?  Perhaps we are merely missiles programmed to fly through our lives at a speed and trajectory manipulated by someone or something else?  No one can really say for certain, but perhaps acknowledging the existence of the concept, and the inevitability of the law of convergence, is enough.

If you read my novels, REFLECTIONS OF SHADOW, you’ll notice several convergences (both explicit and implicit) in the events that take place.  The concept is just one of the many fascinating and inexplicable phenomena that I love to ponder and, like so many before me, I hope that I can use art to draw attention to many ideas that might be otherwise overlooked or unappreciated in our reality.

Nemesis Spawned - Cover Amended 2

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Reflections of Shadow: WORLDS SUNDERED – Sample

Hi strangers.

It’s been far too long since I’ve contributed to this blog and, for that, I apologize.  I’ve been hard at work on the second novel in the Reflections of Shadow series and, even after a lot of revision, it’s still a work in progress.

I thank you all for your patience, however.  And, in the spirit of sharing, I thought that I’d leave you with a few passages from the first chapter from my second book… WORLDS SUNDERED.



Brochathain – Year One of the Renaissance

It was midday in the Sios Mountains, but the cliffs were shrouded in an oppressive darkness.  Above the range, the sky was lost behind a nebulous armour of roiling black smoke and ash, impenetrable to even the smallest rays of sunshine.  For days, the noxious fume had been spewed into the air by the volcanic peaks lining the wild northern coast of the continent, and it was now being driven southward by the raging mountain winds.

The only source of light was the fiery glow of the distant rumbling giants.  It bathed the cliffs, and the smoky ceiling above, in hues of dark crimson, flaring every now and then with demoniac fervor.  The air was alive with dreadful anticipation as the gloom crept along the broken spine of the continent.  Tremors shook the earth, and flurries of ash were tossed back and forth in the air by the sharp eddying mountain currents.  Like a good herald, the ash obscured everything but the increasingly-frenzied peaks from whence it had sprung, eagerly foreshadowing the impending calamity…

As if in orchestrated succession, the rumbling volcanic giants suddenly roared to life in a horrifying crescendo.  Great spouts of molten rock and tephra surged skyward and rained down upon the world below, exploding with meteoric fury.  Hot magma bubbled up from the mouth of each peak and cascaded down the sides of the rock face, covering the mountainside and the steppe below beneath a smouldering blanket of death.

Even after so long, the world still devoured itself.

The tremors accompanying the eruptions shook the entire mountain range, opening several long jagged fissures in the rock.  The earth trembled beneath the onslaught of the violent geographic upheaval, unable to resist the transformation that reshaped the landscape yet again.

As the worst of the volcanic tremors subsided, however, the world was rocked by another – much more terrifying – quake.  From nowhere and everywhere, the familiar tremor shook each fractured continent and every living creature the world over.  Although it was brief, its effect was instantaneous and devastating.

The distant mountains, which had only just erupted in smoke and flames, hissed in complaint as plumes of hot steam now mingled with the dark ash clouds overhead.  The still-molten volcanic rock had disappeared – in the blink of an eye – beneath a shimmering layer of ice, which had manifested suddenly and encased the peaks.  Fire and ice now fought for supremacy, and the rock beneath bore the brunt of the battle.  Sharp thunderous cracks echoed across the landscape as the range shifted and buckled beneath the onslaught of the unnatural climatic change.

For all its fury, this was not the first dramatic transformation to reshape these mountains, nor would it be the last.  For, such was the chaos to which Seteris – its lands and its civilizations – had been subjected since the world had been shattered beyond all recognition.


Sitting on a bluff, high above the world below, Bruadair Kearn dangled his feet over the edge nervously.  He watched the distant volcanic peaks return to an uneasy slumber, knowing that danger had actually been averted by this most recent divergence.

“We were lucky,” he said, wiping the cold sweat from his brow, a small smile tugging at his wide mouth.

“Yes, we were.”

The smile fell from Bruadair’s lips upon hearing the familiar gravelly voice. 

Was it really too much to hope that he would be left in peace this time? 

With a small sigh, he shook his head to clear it, conjured a facade of amusement, and turned to face the man who’d spoken.

“It’s good to be us,” he said.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

The man, who stood a few paces behind him, smiled back at him, a perfect reflection.  His face was gaunt, weathered, and filthy.  Keen, deep-sunken brown eyes gazed fixedly at Bruadair from beneath a tangled mess of bushy black and grey hair.  His few remaining yellow teeth peeked out from behind a similarly bushy beard.  The man was so thin that he looked as if the buffeting mountain winds might blow him over at any moment.  His clothes – an old shirt, torn trousers, and a ratty-looking cloak – hung loosely from his skinny frame.  Despite his ragged appearance, however, Bruadair knew, all too well, what hidden strength he possessed.

“By the Reaver, is that what I look like?” he asked, wrinkling his nose in disgust. 

The man looked down at himself, and then back to Bruadair.

“It would seem so.”


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A STYGIAN BROOD – Horror Short Story

I just posted an old horror short story to my website.

Check it out! (just click the image below for the pdf)

A Stygian Brood Image


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