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Reflections of Shadow: Worlds Sundered Now Available!

Cue the fanfare!!

Ready the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men!!

It’s finally here!!!

Reflections of Shadow: Worlds Sundered

“Alexander Ganainmh’s internal struggle has come to an end. The aspects of dark and light that warred within him have been made flesh, manifesting as two men – one the embodiment of all that was good in him, the other his malevolence incarnate. Now, as a new war between them rages, each man fights to eliminate the influence of the other, amidst a backdrop of love, lust, rebellion, and betrayal.”


Worlds Sundered - Cover

After three long years of writing, revising, and editing, the exciting sequel to Reflections of Shadow: Nemesis Spawned is finally complete and is available now for purchase from a fine eBook retailer near you!  As always, I encourage you to post reviews and provide feedback on the book, and I thank you for your support.

Happy Reading!


For those interested, the book is available from the following sites for only $4.99 (US)*:

Smashwords (my recommendation, as it has multiple file types, depending on the brand of your eReader)

Amazon (I’ve linked to, but it is available at an Amazon near you, as well)




Barnes & Noble

And many others…

*Note that $4.99 is the price set by the author.  Some distributors may have changed it, or converted it into other currencies, on their websites.


Want to learn more about Worlds Sundered or Nemesis Spawned?  Click here for a brief summary of the works.

Want to check out some of the artwork that I have created based on the worlds in Reflections of Shadow?  Click here.




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Just finished a new cover image for my book, Reflections of Shadow: Nemesis Spawned!

Nemesis Spawned - Cover Amended 2


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The Celestial Sentry – A New Poem

In glory, I want to thrive;
But beneath tempered victory my passion hides.

Oh, tear the veil;
Edit the world’s end;
Until everyone feels the spirit of iniquity.

Strife lives inside my skin;
Somewhere beyond the oracle’s sight.

I want to scratch until I free it;
Be released from the ill-fitting suit.

The punishment was to be a sentry;
Forever standing guard.

The swirling darkness sways;
Threatening, tempting, wheedling.

I fear the possibility;
I always have.

If the angels falter in their vigil…

If I’m all alone…

How long will we last?

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As you some of you already know, I’m currently working on the revision of my second novel in the Reflections of Shadow series.

Progress has been incremental, but satisfying, nonetheless; and I’ve been having a lot of fun moving the story arc through a new, and really interesting, world.  TEASER ALERT: You’ll get to explore the chaotic land of Seteris in this novel!!! (I know, I just blew your mind, didn’t I?)

Much like the first, though, I find that one of the biggest challenges in bringing the second book to life lies in defining the genre (or trying to, at least).  Despite only promoting it as a fantasy series – to better align with the category definitions of many booksellers – Reflections of Shadow is, more accurately, a synthesis of FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION, HORROR, PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER, MYTH, and even ROMANCE.  The story follows characters with such complicated and antithetical points of view, and the plot contains elements of so many genres, that it really changes each time that you read it…

Compared to Nemesis Spawned, which was mainly dark and foreboding – told, as it was, from Alexander’s point of view – the second book (title forthcoming, I promise) will be far lighter in tone and content.  It’ll incorporate some funny and romantic elements, and it’ll introduce a much larger cast of characters, some of whom with personalities so big that they can’t help but change the series with only their presence.

I can’t wait to share the new story with you, and I’ll probably post a few sample chapters in the coming months.  (I blew your mind again, didn’t I?).

Perhaps, by the time the next book is complete, a new genre will have been created which will better define the myriad elements of Reflections of Shadow.  We can call it FaScHoPsyMytRom… Fashosymitrom…?  Okay, maybe we should put a pin in that for the moment, and call it a working genre title…

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Blogger’s Block

It’s so strange.  When I’m writing fiction, I’m rarely, if ever, afflicted by writer’s block. Words usually flow effortlessly, as if merely waiting for my fingers to touch the keyboard.  But, sit me in front of a blog post page, and it’s like my brain suddenly goes dead…

So, what’s the deal, lately?

Is it that I have nothing to say?  No, I have lots of thoughts, ideas, and opinions that I want to share with the world (my wife’s a little tired of hearing them, apparently).

Is my life that boring?  No, I have many experiences to share (at least, I don’t think it’s boring, but, I suppose, a more adventurous person might disagree).

Am I simply buckling under the pressure to be profound or clever?  Well… (that’s right, James, blame the readers – they’ll love that).

Whatever the reason, here I am with nothing to say.  But, fear not, I do have one idea.

My idea is to ask you for your ideas.  What do you want to see me write about?

Let me know what you’d like to see me discuss.  It can be anything, really, whether it’s writing-related or not.  Because, at this point, it’s either that, or I post videos of my lazy cat… and who’d want to watch that?

– James


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