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The Celestial Sentry – A New Poem

In glory, I want to thrive;
But beneath tempered victory my passion hides.

Oh, tear the veil;
Edit the world’s end;
Until everyone feels the spirit of iniquity.

Strife lives inside my skin;
Somewhere beyond the oracle’s sight.

I want to scratch until I free it;
Be released from the ill-fitting suit.

The punishment was to be a sentry;
Forever standing guard.

The swirling darkness sways;
Threatening, tempting, wheedling.

I fear the possibility;
I always have.

If the angels falter in their vigil…

If I’m all alone…

How long will we last?

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Dreadful – Dark Poetry

Amorphous shadows swirl around me,

drawn to the void in my soul.

They burn and they freeze,

they rip and they rend.

The shreds of my sanity

can no longer fight

the lure of their wicked embrace.

They howl my name,

and her whispering words,

push away the weight that I’ve borne.

The darkness has claimed me,

I’m swaddled in thorns.

So I let the blood weep from my cankerous wounds,

like the tears that I shed for what I have lost…

Once again.

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